About the Artist...

  Jennifer is a self-taught artist who grew up in the coal-fields of Eastern Kentucky.  When she wasn't playing in the hills or creeks she could be found in her room, drawing or coloring in books.  Early on, she began noticing the artwork in the different places she visited with her family.  She would study the paintings and wonder just how the artist had done what they did...and she began experimenting with COLORS!

  For her seventh birthday she received her first paint-by-number set, and discovered the world of painting.  With the discovery of Nat Geo magazine at age 10, she had reference photos to work from!  She bought her first 35mm camera at age 21 and began photographing and painting the quaint little Kentucky homes in her neighborhood.  She began painting with acrylics in 1982 and in 1992 she began her study in portraiture.  She moved to the Lexington, KY, area in 1997 and found employment at an architectural illustrations firm.

  She joined Lynn Architectural Illustrators and learned to read and apply blueprint information to a perspective chart to produce architectural renderings.  The company retired in 2006 but she continues to do illustrations on an as-needed basis.  She was juried into Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen in 2015 and works out of her home studio in Waco, KY.