Schedule for the following classes

 is pending.  I will post 2019 dates as soon  as possible, or you can contact me for more information:


I will be teaching a beginner's class called "The ABC's of Acrylic Painting" and will also offer a more in depth class for the beginning painter called " Acrylic Painting for Beginners".  I'll tell you a little about each class..

                ~~~~~~~~~CLASS #1~~~~~~~~~~

The ABC's of Acrylic Painting - This is a one day class where you will learn the very basics; types of canvas, prepping canvas, blending colors, color values and contrast.  These are the building blocks of getting started off on the right foot!  And at the end of the day you will take home your very first completed masterpiece to frame and show off to your family!


  ALSO, If you have a painting started at home and you're a little stuck or having problems with it, feel free to bring it in and see if I can help you get "unstuck".  I plan on staying in the classroom thru lunch time for this purpose.

                 ~~~~~~~~CLASS #2~~~~~~~~

"Acrylic Painting for Beginners"


This class is a little more in-depth it is still for the beginning painter.

You will learn:

     * the best materials at the best prices

     * the uses of gesso

     * how to draw using the Grid system

     * how to fix mistakes -  Don't quit just       because you made a boo-boo!

     * the best brushes to buy (this might surprise you!) and how to care  for them

     * developing an "eye" for composition

     * the importance (and ease) of  contrast - a very important part of EVERY interesting painting!

At the conclusion of your final class you will have enough knowledge under your belt to start most any other kind of painting you might want to try next, PLUS, you will have your very own  creation that you can proudly display in your home!

In my classes, I encourage you to ask all the questions you want about painting with acrylics.  I am there to answer your questions so you get get started on the right foot!  As with the ABC's class, you are encouraged to bring any painting you may be having trouble with and let me see if I can help you solve your problem and get back on the right track with it.


   So come out, dress comfortably, bring a friend, and join the fun!