About Jenny's Studio

What I Do

I work from photos to create original paintings, using acrylic paints on stretched canvas, sometimes using two or more photos to complete a single piece. 

I begin with the layout;  lightly sketching the subject of  painting on a smooth canvas.  Sketching first makes it easier to get an accurate likeness at the beginning.  When the likeness is ready, I begin applying thin layers of paint to eventually build up to the desired colors of the finished work.  

I don't limit myself to commission work; I like to be working on something on the side, just for me!

Want Changes Made?

Each painting is as unique as the photo it is taken from!  If I'm doing a commissioned piece for you and you are less than thrilled with the background in your photo (as was the case with the photo above) we can discuss changes to be made before I start work on your painting.  Working together, we can always use artistic license to paint in different surroundings.  The only limits are your imagination!

The End Result

When I am nearing completion of a commissioned painting, I will contact my client and arrange to meet with them so they can view the work.  If a meeting isn't possible, I will photograph the painting and attach it to an e-mail and send to them for their final approval.  I then apply 2 coats of a protective sealant.  This sealant will visually enhance the colors as well as protect the painting from dust and debris.  I tell my clients to be sure not to hang their painting in direct sunlight!  Harsh lights will adversely affect any work of art.